Up Close and Personal: KU Against Rising Tuition

Jay chats with Tommy Finch and Lev Comolli from KU Against Rising Tuition

Up Close and personal with Jay Wachs

Email them at FightingTuition@gmail.com
Call them at (785) 218 – 9701

Visit them at www.Facebook.com/KUAgainstRisingTuition

Their Vision:
KUART is a student organization representing the student body in combating rising costs in higher education. We are a political organization advocating for progressive economic and political policies to provide more affordable education and strengthen our community. Our vision is to create an environment where students from all backgrounds have an opportunity for more affordable education.

Their Mission:
KUART coordinates the student body into an effective entity under the banner of our organization. We plan to push the momentum of student and institutional support through our political action committee and directly challenge the Kansas legislative. We fight for progressive economic policies to provide more affordable higher education in the state of Kansas.

Quick Facts:
 Our organization was founded in September of 2016 by Co-Founders, Tommy Finch and Lev Comolli
 KUART has an organized and structured leadership, consisting of traditional and nontraditional students
 Extensive research regarding tuition, policies, and economics of KU and Kansas
 State Funding has decreased over $130 million, in constant dollars, since 1991 – reported by KU OIRP
 In-State Tuition has almost tripled since 2002 with Consumer Price Index accounted
 Strong social media presence with over 2K likes on FB page, 3K views on FB video, and Steve Wozniak comment on “We Are KUART” video

The Benefits of Their Organization:
We organize the student body of Kansas to invest themselves in their community and campus as never before. We strengthen people’s unique talents and abilities to reinforce their leadership capabilities. Our organization is dedicated to providing an affordable atmosphere for our student body and creating strong leaders to invest in our community.

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