Series: Talk With ME

Talk With ME: At the Intersection of Art & Mental Health.
“Without laughter, we explode, and that’s just not pretty.” Each Talk With ME is an hour conversation about real life, punctuated with laughter and original writing by guests. Why? Because “There is no health without mental health, and no mental health without art.” Talk With ME guests come from communities of arts and/or social justice across the USA and more; and many guests are poets. Social worker/suicide prevention advocate Marcia Epstein, LMSW in Lawrence, Kansas, USA hosts the show. Listen to Talk With ME for a healthy dose of #LoveWins. More info at

Each month, the Transformational Jennie Washburn joins Talk With ME host, Marcia Epstein, for real life conversation. SelfCare, Fun, Expressing Expectations, Getting Involved in Community, & Goodness. This month our message is Have Fun In Community! Jennie is a Licensed Esthetician & a member of Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Pryor Transformation, Shift […]

Jennie Washburn, V.2017.5

Stacey Freedenthal has worked in the field of suicide prevention since 1994, when she first volunteered at a suicide prevention hotline. She is now an associate professor at the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work, where she teaches courses on mental health assessment, counseling, and suicide risk assessment […]

Stacey Freedenthal, PhD, LCSW of Speaking of Suicide

In Lawrence, KS, Sunrise Project connects people of all ages & backgrounds to good food, community & the environment. 4 core programs: Lawrence Fruit Tree Project, SunRISE Youth Activists, Food Rocket, & Healthy Sprouts farm to preschool. Programming is expanding with the move into the former Sunrise Garden Center which […]

Sunrise Project, with Emily Hampton & Melissa Freiburger

Damian is sometimes a poet, sometimes a writer, and most times a mad man. He is the host of Keyport, NJ’s the Poetry in the Port reading series. Damian and Ezhno Martin just released the poetry collection, The Former Lives of Saints through EMP Press *** Listeners: around 18 […]

Damian Rucci, Writer & Poet based in NJ

Wolfgang Carstens is the author of numerous poetry collections and publisher at Epic Rites Press. He is organizer and host of Poets Underground, a poetry show that celebrates and showcases the best and brightest authors currently working the marrow of contemporary poetry Wolfgang lives in Canada with his wife, […]

Wolfgang Carstens of Epic Rites Press

K.W. “Kevin” Peery is the author of 3 collections of poetry: Tales of a Receding Hairline, Purgatory & Wicked Rhythm. He is a regular contributor in Veterans Voices and the Australia Times Poetry Magazine. Kevin writes about his personal life experiences. Grappling with morality and mortality, the unvarnished truth is […]

K.W. Peery, Songwriter & Poet

Christine is a senior at Kansas U, and serves as President of the KU chapter of Active Minds, a national mental health advocacy group. After struggling with an eating disorder, depression, anxiety, and PTSD, she found a passion for mental health advocacy & got involved in Active Minds. She is […]

Christine Waisner, of Active Minds of KU

Alyse & ME talk about Alyse’s writing & about the 4th Annual Poetry Fair in Lawrence, KS on April 15, 2017! The fair includes readings, networking & books to buy. Info at Alyse Bensel’s poems have most recently appeared in The Adroit Journal, New South, Quarterly West, Tinderbox, The […]

Alyse Bensel, Poet

Just listen! For Mark’s stories and poetry. For his respect and love for humanity. Be inspired! Mark comes from a large family with 3 languages: Spanish, Yiddish, & also English. He studied with Poet & Professor Kenneth Koch who introduced Mark to the love of poetry & to the love […]

Mark Statman, Poet & Poet-Translator

Katie grew up in Lawrence, KS & lives there now. Between then & now she has lived, worked, & studied in Chicago, CO, Seattle, NY, & Taos. She has an MA from the U of CO in Education Foundations, Policy & Practice. More important, she has a passion for helping […]

Katie Winter of The Lawrence (KS) Laboratory

Tiffany is a poet and photographer living in Vancouver, WA. She is frequently found at poetry readings there & across the river in Portland, OR. But she loves family & NYC most of all. Tiffany’s work has appeared in Ghost Town Poetry, Volume Two (Printed Matter Vancouver, 2014); in the […]

Tiffany Burba

Daniel is a Laotian-Thai-American, a dancer, a former US Marine, a videographer & much more. He loves singing in the shower, playing video games, teaching dance, and eating pineapple, but NOT on his pizza. Daniel has been dancing contemporary hip hop much of his life. During his 4 years of […]

Daniel Xaysongkham, Dancer-Photographer-Videographer

Casey tantalizes you with some readings from his new book, The Spoils. And through conversation with host Marcia Epstein about: The Midwest, Stories, Men, Books, Fathers & Sons, & PS: Writing Well Is Work. Casey Pycior (pitcher) was born and raised in Kansas City. He earned his MFA in fiction […]

Casey Pycior, Midwest Writer

Ronda enjoys wandering the high plateau of northwest Kansas where the Arikaree Breaks whisper late into the sunset and scream into blizzards and thunderstorms. She is District President and State Vice President for Kansas Authors Club. As a life coach, she specializes in working with those who have lost someone […]

Ronda Miller, Poet of Life

Each month, the Transformational Jennie Washburn joins Talk With ME host, Marcia Epstein, for real life conversation. SelfCare, Fun, Expressing Expectations, Getting Involved in Community, & Goodness. Jennie is a Licensed Esthetician & a member of Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Pryor Transformation, Shift 2 Degrees, Lawrence Women’s Network, & One Hundred Good […]

Jennie Washburn, V.2017.3

Photos, journals, and poetry ARE memories, for people who have experienced brain trauma or other memory disorders.. Writer Julie Unruh is one of those people. Julie and partner Oliver A. Hall co-founded Global Green Publications, producing books and films. March 2017 they released the book “Silence,” with poetry & photography […]

Julie Unruh, Writer & Activist

Matt lives in upstate New York with his wife and daughter. A collection of his poems, The Ship Is Sinking, is available from Epic Rites Press. His fiction and poetry have appeared in a variety of places, both print and online. Yep, that about covers it. Well, to clarify… “upstate […]

Matt Galletta, Writer of Poetry & More

Misti is the author of Bullshit Rodeo, on Epic Rites Press, and several other novels & poetry collections. Misti’s most recent chapbook is No Guns No Knives No Disco Biscuits, creative nonfiction flash published in 2016 by DevilHouse Press. Misti resides in rural Texas with her ex-husband and their son. […]

Misti Rainwater-Lites, Writer & Visual Artist

Dennis Etzel, Jr. lives with Carrie and the boys in Topeka, Kansas where he teaches English at Washburn University. He has an MFA from The University of Kansas, &an MA & Graduate Certificate in Women and Gender Studies from KS State U. He has two chapbooks, The Sum of Two […]

Kevin Rabas & Dennis Etzel, Jr., Writers & Friends